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Treating Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain

This week, Chris explains the source of shoulder pain, and why early intervention is the key to treatment.

Not only is shoulder pain one of the most common presentations in the clinical setting, but it is the third most common presentation of acute pain after lower back and neck pain. Professional help is commonly sought for shoulder pain due to its effect on a variety of activities of daily living, including sleep.

The shoulder is one of the most vulnerable joints in the body due to the intricate relationship between many structures allowing function. Anatomically it allows a large degree of motion to allow for complex movements however this also means it is susceptible to injury.

Shoulder pain has many possible sources and therefore it is important that a trained professional assess your shoulder correctly to ensure appropriate management.

Some of the common causes of shoulder pain are impingement, Rotator Cuff strains/tears or Adhesive Capsulitis (commonly known as Frozen Shoulder)

It has be found that 41% of shoulder pain presentations will persist beyond 12 months without early intervention. With professional management and guidance, shoulder pain can be managed correctly.

Over the coming weeks, each of these common causes of shoulder pain will be explored further. As discussed, early intervention is the key to successful management so we will show how Sports Physician’s, Physiotherapist’s and Myotherapist’s can play a role in the correct management of shoulder pain.

Chris Tandy
Senior Physiotherapist

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