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New years resolutions, and why "one size fits all" diet plans do not work


New Year’s resolutions, and why one size fits all diet plans do not work.

And so, another year begins, and you are keen as a green bean, you have just joined up at the gym, and told yourself that it WILL work this time. You have downloaded a diet plan from Suzie squats or Bennie biceps, you have gone on a big phenomenally expensive grocery shop, by-passed the chocolate isle, and ignored the Easter eggs already starting to pop up. You are feeling good about hitting those goals this time. However, alas, a few weeks go by, and you are back into old habits. You found yourself too hungry, spending too much money or time on this diet plan, not seeing results, and fell back into old habits, because you could not sustain it, and lost momentum. Do not be discouraged, as it is not your fault. One-size fits all eating plans, and complete removal from your current eating habits, are basically a recipe for failure, not to mention, you risk losing muscle, slowing metabolism, and putting yourself in a deficiency state.

If you are serious about achieving your goals, then you need to figure out why you have not achieved them in the first place. You need accountability, and regular, consistent efforts, and most of all, an individualised approach to meeting your goals. If you want assistance with meeting your new year’s resolutions, why not book in to see our accredited practicing Dietitian and accredited sports Dietitian, and get yourself an individualised diet plan to meet your own specific goals?

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