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A day out with our Recover Team!

20 Jun 2016

Another day begins for our senior Myotherapist within the inner sanctum of a professional sporting club, but its not all calves and hamstrings! Elite sport is anything but boring and routine; it's a fast paced, dynamic environment where one has to think on their feet, work long hours and be able to work as part of a high performing team of elite, experienced professionals. This includes working alongside physiotherapists, osteopaths and sports science professionals all working together in order to achieve the best outcome for the team on field.

Team RSM: Thanks for joining us Mick.

MB: Thanks for having me.

Team RSM: So Mick you've been a myotherapist now for nine years. Have you worked at the elite level the whole time?

MB: Thats correct.

Team RSM: So how did you find yourself working in that environment?

MB: Just lucky really, jobs in elite sport generally don't get advertised through the normal channels that you would expect. Its more about who you know and the relationships and connections you make early on in your career with other professionals through clinics and other opportunities that arise.

Team RSM: So How do you spend your week? Mostly at clinic and then a bit of time at the club?

MB: More the other way around!

Team RSM: But don’t footballers just train twice a week?

MB: If this was 1985, you'd be absolutely right - but lets jump in the Delorean and head back to the current day. These days, elite sport is 24/7 and thus the therapists who are lucky enough to find themselves working within this environment work hard, long hours, 6 or 7 days a week at times.

Team RSM: Wow! So whats a normal day for you then?

MB: A normal day for a Myotherapist at an elite sporting club can vary depending on how the week looks and on what day during that week the game falls, not to mention if any interstate or overseas travel is involved. For example here’s what a week would look like based on a game being played on a Saturday Afternoon in Perth:

MYO timetable 2

Team RSM: Gees that's a lot of treatment time! How may treatments would a player get a week?

MB: Great question! It varies greatly between players, but most would get between three to six treatments a week across the various modalities be it Myotherapy, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture... whatever they need! That doesn't included what they require pre and post games though. So as you can see its not for the faint hearted, but it's a very rewarding place to work, and personally speaking, I have found it to be the best environment a therapist can work in (especially when you're winning!!)

Team RSM: Especially when you're winning?

MB: (laughs) ... yeah don't get me wrong, it really is great most of the time, but certainly the week to week activity within the club is a lot more enjoyable if you are coming off a win the week before.

Team RSM: Makes sense. Thank you Mick for giving us a bit of an insight into what a week with an elite Myotherapist within the walls of an elite sporting team looks like

MB: My pleasure.


All of our practitioners share their time between consulting in the clinic and working with elite sporting clubs, so you can be assured that you’re getting the best possible treatment when you come to Recover Sports Medicine. If you would like to book an appointment with any of our elite practitioners, please call 1300 858 774 or email contact@recoversportsmed.com.au

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