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Headaches and Stress - How we can help!

6 Sep 2016

Stress is your body's way of responding to any kind of demand or threat, and quite often the headaches that result are a continuous pain (literally). Together they can make everyday tasks seem worse and work life can become unbearable. There are many ways to trigger a headache such as workload, financial issues, parenthood or stress. Stress is the most common cause of tension-type headaches and can also lead to other types of headaches.

Everyday irritants like lost documents, sitting in traffic or close deadlines at work may all erode your ability to cope and for many people these can trigger headaches. Reacting to these stressors by tensing muscles, grinding teeth or stiffening shoulders may even make a headache worse.

Whether it is physical or emotional stress build up, certain muscles shorten and take on dysfunctional positions and others switch off altogether and become weakened. The never ending cycle of imbalanced muscles result in poor posture, restricted blood flow and can lead to neck pain, stiffness and of course; headaches. These muscle imbalances that lead to headaches are usually in the neck and upper back/shoulder region which typically results to an upper cross posture.

There are plenty of methods to help ease stress and reduce the risk of triggering headaches. Many include exercise, drinking plenty of water, yoga, meditation or reading a good book. Receiving a treatment from a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist or a Myotherapist can help decrease headache triggers and can help ease your stress levels; we can assess your specific condition, provide hands on techniques including cupping and dry needling for muscles which have become tightened and shortened, and provide activation exercises to help 'wake-up' the inhibited muscles.

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