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Part 3 of ACL – The neglected hamstring complex

A common complaint of patients and athletes following ACL repairs is that they lose speed or some may have recurrent hamstring problems. As mentioned in part 1 of our ACL blogs, the hamstring graft is the most common harvest site for an ACL repair. What has become apparent is the knee becomes the sole focus of rehabilitation whilst the hamstrings and kinetic chain are often neglected.

Recent research has shown that the hamstrings eccentric strength was on average around 16% lower on the ACL repaired limb compared to its contralateral non-injured limb. These findings support the fact that there is often residual weakness throughout the quadriceps 12 months and greater down the rehabilitation process. This is the reason that a specific and correct exercise prescription is required in order to optimise the rehabilitation process, to not only returning to play but also to maximise performance.

Here at Recover Sports Medicine, our physiotherapists are working at the elite level and therefore have had the exposure to high level ACL rehab and have an understanding of strengthening principles and periodization - all factors that help to provide a program that is centred around your goals and prevent future injury to both or either hamstrings and knee.

Michael Giakoumis
Recover Sports Medicine



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