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Bio Motion Lab

The Biomotion Lab is a reliable and repeatable method of identifying movement characteristics which far exceeds that achieved by other methods including the human eye and conventional video analysis.

The detailed information obtained through a Bio Motion analysis can make your rehabilitation program more targeted and prevent re-injury.

Sport specific biomechanical analysis

By using 14 infra red cameras the Biomotion Lab is the largest markerless motion capture system by volume in the world. Representing you in a 3D computer image the Biomotion Lab is able to measure the movements, angles and forces throughout the body while performing a variety of tasks.

At Recover Sports Medicine we offer both individual sport specific analysis, as well as scanning options for entire sporting teams.


Who can benefit from using the BioMotion Lab?

The Biomotion Lab, exclusively available in the southern hemisphere at Recover Sports Medicine Richmond, is the most advanced method of analyzing movement currently available,  and allows quick and accurate three dimensional (3D) biomechanical analysis of athletic movement.

From ground reaction forces and joint angles, to forces generated within the joints during movement, the Biomotion Lab allows for an athlete to assess their technique and for coaches and medical staff to look for indicators of injury risk and inefficiencies.

As a result of these tests, you and your treating practitioner have objective data to identify areas of weakness, loss of control or restriction which may be the underlying cause of your injury.


Our Biomotion Lab Services include:

  • Injury Prevention and Treatment
  • Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Running Gait Analysis
  • ACL Injury Screening
  • Workplace Lifting Technique Assessment
  • Sport Specific Technique Analysis



  • Our appointment times in the Bio Motion lab are 30 minute sessions.

Cancellation/change of appointment

We require 24 hours notice of change of appointment / cancellation, otherwise a cancellation fee may apply.

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  • BioMotion Lab
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