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Upper Cross Syndrome

upper cross sydrome

One of the most common presentations we see in clinical practice is that of headaches stemming from tightness in the neck and/or explicit neck pain. This tightness or pain is often caused by poor posture, prolonged sitting and lack of strength and stability of the upper back muscles.

Upper Cross Syndrome is characterised by weak deep neck flexors, scapular stabilisers, retractors and depressors, and hyperactive (tight) upper trapezius and pectoral group muscles. This combination of imbalance leads to an unstable neck which increases the risk of injury as well as dysfunction in the neck joints and middle back. This may also have a significant impact on your day to day activities, as well as your athletic or sporting performance.

Neck tightness, pain and headaches can be successfully treated and addressed by a Myotherapist. A treatment of this condition typically involves a manual therapy approach to address the tightness in the upper trapezius, levator scapulae and pectoral group muscles. Also as a part of the treatment session, dry needling, cupping, myofascial release and stretching can also be used to address the tightness. A Myotherapist would also address the weak muscle groups, and where appropriate refer to a Physiotherapist for further management which may include Clinical Pilates or an exercise-based approach.

Nick Kodric
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