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Happy Holidays from Team RSM

22 Dec 2016

Each year, common Christmas injuries are presented to emergency rooms across the country with a list of unique injuries not seen at other times of the year.

From broken arms due to pulling Christmas crackers (Aunt Nicole is deceptively strong), and people falling off ladders putting up lights on their homes and trees, this time of year is not without its risks.

The biggest culprit this time of year are fathers. That's right, the inner child in all the dads come out and often an injury does occur when the old man is trying to be cool or rad and attempts to show their child how to use their new toy.

So to all the fathers out there - Yes, you used to skate and I'm sure you could pull an epic 'Olly', but lets leave it to the kids!

Lets not forget Backyard Cricket and the pain it can also bring to families on Christmas Day, with a warm up or any stretching at all often overlooked.

Good old Uncle Bob and Aunt Narelle, who get out in the backyard after one too many shandies and think they are Joel Garner circa 1989 when the West Indies were playing Australia and BANG! Backs, knees and shoulders are often injured from either too many overs bowled or trying to bowl too fast. Remember, the human body doesn't like sudden change in load, so always ensure you warm up and stretch before playing, even if your obnoxious nephew is giving you lip.

Then there is the post-Christmas guilts and the New Years resolutions to get fit, lose some kgs and join a gym or even F45 since everyone else is doing it?

Even though your decision to do this should be commended, it is also important to remember to be careful with what you choose to do

Any activity you choose to do should be progressive. Start with a slower, lighter program and build from there. The last thing you want is to be three weeks in to a running program, for example, and have to stop due to ITB friction syndrome symptoms, or pain caused by achillies tendinitis.

But if you do, remember that the Team at Recover Sports Medicine is here to help.

If you need to book in to see any of our Senior Therapists at Recover Sports Medicine, please call 1300 858 774 or email contact@recoversportsmed.com.au


From everyone at Recover Sports Medicine, wishing you are your families a wonderful Holiday Season and happy and healthy start to 2017!!

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