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Ice Hockey

15 May 2017

Ice Hockey - most likely known to most Australians as a brutally aggressive sport in which players on ice hit each other with sticks (and from time to time their fists) with the ultimate goal of scoring a small disc into a heavily guarded net - however, to me and my fellow Canadians, it is a sport of finesse, physicality, intelligence and sheer excitement. There is no other sport in the world that compares. Most certainly a controversial statement given I am writing this in Melbourne, home of just a few passionate AFL fans.

Ice hockey is a sport in which players move upwards of 60km/hr and shoot the puck at immense velocities reaching 160km/hr. Amazing considering this is all completed while balancing on a razor-sharp skate blade measuring all of 1/8th of an inch in thickness. A sport heavily dominated by North Americans and Europeans, there is a small connection to Australia. This is in the form of 23 year old Nathan Walker who is currently part of the Washington Capitals organisation in the NHL. Drafted in the 3rd round, 89th overall out of about 270 in 2014, Nathan is trying to become the first Australian to play in the NHL.

With respect to the Washington Capitals, they are one of eight teams remaining in the playoffs which include Pittsburgh, Ottawa, New York, Anaheim, Edmonton, St. Louis, and Nashville. These teams are all vying for the opportunity and prestige of winning the Stanley Cup and being crowned champions. Closer to home, The Australian Ice Hockey League is into the second week of their season and with two teams in Melbourne, there are many opportunities for new and old fans to come and experience the game I love and see what it is all about in person.

From a sports physiotherapy perspective, there are many injury risks associated with the game. Common presentations include issues with the groin, shoulder, knee and head (specifically concussion). Extensive pre-season training and preparation are excellent ways to minimise your chance of injury during the season. Regular consultation with a physiotherapist can keep you performing optimally and to your peak physical potential. We at Recover Sports Medicine have experience working with ice hockey players both at the amateur and professional levels. If you require any assistance with your preparation or performance, please come see us in the clinic. We are always happy to help out!

Mike Killip
Senior Physiotherapist
Recover Sports Medicine


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